A place for my "art" and where I commonly feel embarrassed or regretful. Everything I've made is under the tag "myart". Icon by my bro, Andrea.
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I can’t stop making stupid, terrible gifs. Reducing things to less than 1mb is annoying.


"You see above you the dark planet of awesome size, perched in its sunless void. It’s so close now. Maybe now you could touch it. You reach up…

…and this has been a story about you, said the man on the radio. And you were pleased because you always wanted to hear about yourself on the radio.”

Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 13, A Story About You.

I just want to take you to Paris Elizabeth.

Anne Hathaway is such a babe. Phewy

Study of this: http://lolauggie.tumblr.com/post/44074333202/thegreatermassofdeath-fencetan

"It’s fucking easy, man. Just fucking pull the fucking trigger."

Jason Brody is probably the biggest douche possible. I love it. Reference used for the face.

More sketching stuff of that chick or something…I dont even know.

I reworked a drawing. Im trying to practice rendering stuff and making things finished (pfff…even though this isn’t really “finished”). Also, I hope the colors aren’t weird. It looked strange on a different monitor. It’s a dumb concept I’m working on while I’m daydreaming in class.

A sorta “2012” art thing…but not really. I only really became more serious with art again in the fall/summer after a hiatus to photography. Most of this is unfinished and/or studies. There’s not much improvement, but there’s been some…and that’s better than nothing. I mostly wanted this so I can compare it to the work I have at the end of 2013. :I

I tried.

doodles. trying to get into the groove of drawing and working with different styles and ways to color and stuff. I DONT EVEN KNOW.